Making the most of your pension and savings

Most people try to prepare for retirement. Simply, this means ensuring that your pensions and savings are in place to help you adjust to life after working. In addition, most of the large debts that you accumulate in your working life - such as your mortgage and car loans - should, by then, be paid off.

But, whilst your life in retirement is something you should enjoy, it is also a time when you could be at your most vulnerable. Which is why it is important to plan early - and plan wisely.

Your advisor will offer advice on how to maximise your pension, how best to invest for long-term growth, making maximum use of the tax breaks available and making sure that the necessary inheritance tax arrangements are in place.

After a confidential discussion with you, to talk about your plans for the future, your advisor can carry out a comprehensive review of your current arrangements. They will then present you with a report and recommendations - the choice of whether to follow those recommendations is yours and you will be placed under no obligation.